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Tapentadol is an effective and famous painkiller for those with chronic and acute pain. The medicine is ideal for pain management in patients with diabetic neuropathy, back pain, pain due to cancer treatment, arthritic pain, and so on. When you plan to buy Tapentadol from an online pharmacy, you will find different types of pills, namely, immediate-release, extended-release, and so on. Should you order TapenTadol extended-release pill? Or, should you choose the immediate-release type? What is the difference, and what should you know before you start the treatment?

Order Tapentadol 100mg ER (Extended Release) Pills

People looking for opioid drugs to deal with pain always choose to order Tapentadol 100mg ER online from any of the reputed online pharmacies. This drug is quite common among those who are suffering from severe or moderate pain. Even around-the-clock pain management is possible with Tapentadol by buying the extended-release style of the drug. If you are planning to buy medicine from online pharmacies, it is best to choose the Tapentadol 100mg ER cash on delivery option.

Are you a first-time online buyer? Here is everything you need to know before you order Tapentadol online for your pain relief via cash on delivery option. This article will take you through the process step by step.

An introduction to Tapentadol ER

Tapentadol is opioid-based analgesia. The medicine acts on the mu-opioid receptor, which blocks noradrenaline reuptake. This action avoids the brain from receiving pain signals. The noradrenaline is a chemical hormone that reaches higher levels during stress, danger, pain, and others. When noradrenaline level increases, it activates fibers in CNS and spinal cord. Noradrenaline increases the action in locus coeruleus. Later, the brain retakes noradrenaline from the system. When the hormone level falls, it will allow pain transmission to the brain, which causes the brain to create sensory inputs. Tapentadol does not allow the noradrenaline level to decrease, and thus the activity of locus coeruleus does not increase, thereby the brain does not feel the pain.

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When you order TapenTadol extended release pills, remember that the medicine makes the brain to mask the pain. It does not perform any action towards healing the site of pain or dealing with the cause of the pain. If you are buying Tapentadol ER for back pain, the medicine does not cure the source of the pain. It just masks the pain. Once the effect of the medicine weans, the pain will return, if left untreated. Extended-release pills are suitable for those with chronic pain. These pills contain a special formula, which allows the drug to release into the system over time. Tapentadol extended-release is the best pain management pill for those with chronic lower back pain, diabetic peripheral neuropathy, chronic osteoarthritis, and others.

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Tapentadol Effect time

When you order TapenTadol extended-release pills, you will find the tablet in three different dose levels; 50mg, 75mg, and 100mg. The chemical reaches its peak effect in 1.25 to 1.5 hours. With no regard to the dose level, the impact of the pill stays in the system for 12 hours. Thus, do not order TapenTadol ER online in a heavier dose for faster or longer effects. It is best to use only the dosage prescribed by your doctor. The effect time for Tapentadol’s immediate release is just 4 to 6 hours. Thus, those who are suffering from chronic pain should buy extended-release instead of immediate-release.

Tapentadol ER vs. Sustained-release opioids

Extended-release and sustained-release pills are different in the rate of dispersion of medicine. Both types of pills do not mix into the bloodstream immediately. In sustained-release, the dispersion of the chemical is at a fixed rate. In extended-release pills, there is no fixed rate for dispersion. Both sustained-release opioid pills and extended-release Tapentadol are helpful for people with chronic pain, and those who need around-the-clock pain management, like post-surgery management. According to a study, it is best to buy TapenTadol ER online instead of SR opioid pills to provide better pain management. Moreover, GI distress is much lower in patients using Tapentadol ER.

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Why is Tapentadol ER better than Tramadol?

Both Tapentadol and Tramadol are efficient painkillers. However, in some cases, individuals who do not experience pain relief by Tramadol might get satisfactory results in using Tapentadol. This advantage is because of the way the body metabolizes both the chemicals.

In the brain, Tramadol inhibits the decrease in norepinephrine level, like Tapentadol. Also, Tramadol interacts with the proteins of the serotonin transporter. It reduces the reuptake of serotonin too. However, the difference between the pills lies in the metabolism process. O-glucuronidation is the primary element for metabolizing Tapentadol. The body does not need an enzyme for converting the primary molecule of the chemical into the ‘active metabolite.’ However, enzymes work upon Tramadol to make it active. Thus, the efficiency of a Tramadol pill depends on the metabolized amount of primary molecule. This amount varies from one individual to another, based on the enzyme secretion (cytochrome P450). About 15% of people are poor metabolizers. Thus, Tramadol might not be effective in that 15 %, unlike Tapentadol, which does not need any enzyme for activation.


The maximum allowed dosage per day is 500mg per day. The doctors usually start the treatment with just 50mg dose every 12 hours. Later, the doctor might increase it in small quantities, up to 250mg dose per time, twice a day. The criteria used for increasing the dosage depends on the medical health, history, and severity of the pain. When you are buying TapenTadol extended release without prescription, do not increase it as you feel right. The chance of experiencing respiratory depression increases if the individual starts the course with a high dose. Respiratory depression can lead to fatal outcomes. Moreover, a heavy dosage will have a more substantial withdrawal effect, which might lead to withdrawal symptoms becoming severe, and in some cases, cause dependency.

Diabetic peripheral neuropathy

If you have diabetic peripheral neuropathy, the right dose is 100 to 250mg dose every 12 hours. Even in this case, the course should start with 50mg and gradually move to 100mg.

Kidney failure

99% of the primary element of Tapentadol gets excreted via kidneys. Thus, people with kidney failure should avoid Tapentadol, unless recommended by your doctor. In cases where CrCl is less than 30 ml/min, Tapentadol can cause adverse effects. In cases where CrCl is greater than 30ml/min, the standard dose is sufficient.

Liver failure

Medicine metabolizes in the liver. In patients with mild or moderate liver failure, the dose should not exceed 100mg per day. The best dosage during the beginning of the course is 50mg per day.

Why is Tapentadol not right for pregnant or nursing mothers?

Most of the painkillers available in the market are not right for nursing mothers or pregnant women. If you are buying TapenTadol 100mg ER USA to USA, order any contraceptive method too, to avoid getting pregnant. There are no studies on the effect of short-term Tapentadol usage on the fetus. In prolonged use, the opioid withdrawal symptoms on the fetus can be fatal. The neonatal symptoms for opioid withdrawal effects are hyperactivity, irritability, high-pitched cry, abnormal sleep pattern, diarrhea, tremor, underweight, vomiting, and others. The chemicals of the medicine are transferable via breast milk, and thus, the child might experience the withdrawal symptoms.


Are you planning TapenTadol ER overnight delivery? Remember that TapenTadol might be right for you, based on your medical history and health. However, the drug might interact with other medications or food items to cause adverse effects. In some cases, the individual might be allergic to Tapentadol. Learn about the allergic reaction symptoms. It is vital to stop the pill immediately and take medical help as early as possible. If you are consuming the medicine for the first time, ask someone close to you to watch for respiratory depression symptoms. The chances of experiencing respiratory depression are higher in the first 72 hours from consuming the pill. Respiratory depression is prevalent in elderly patients.

The pill can also cause GI distress. In cases of nausea, take bed rest for an hour after consuming the medicine. If you feel stomach upset, have a small meal before consuming the pill. Heavy stomach pain might be due to gastrointestinal obstruction, which needs immediate medical help.

Consuming pills that alter serotonin levels and Tapentadol 100mg ER can lead to serotonin syndrome, which can lead to fatal or adverse side effects. Adverse effects are also possible if using CNS depressants, similar pain killers, alcohol, sleep-inducing medicines, sedatives, and others.

Overuse of Tapentadol ER for a prolonged period can lead to infertility, due to androgen deficiency. This process can reduce fertility in both genders. There are no studies to prove that this side effect is reversible. Thus, it is very critical to avoid prolonged use.


Since Tapentadol is a schedule II drug, the probability of habit-formation is quite high. Thus, it is crucial to use the pill, as directed by your doctor. Overdose or prolonged use of the same dose can lead to addiction. However, abruptly stopping the medicine can lead to withdrawal symptoms like tremors, sweating, pain, rigors, anxiety, insomnia, and others. In some cases, hallucinations could occur. Talk to your doctor about slowly stopping the medicine without addiction. If you feel addicted to the pill, it is vital to get medical help.

Some people fear addiction and rapidly taper the dose. Tapering refers to cutting the dose recommended per day by 25% or 50% until the individual stop the medicine. In the case of rapid tapering, the patient might experience severe withdrawal effects and experience a relapse of pain.

There are numerous drugs, which have the capability of interacting with Tapentadol ER and causing adverse effects. Since ER pills stay in the system for longer, it is essential to know the types of medicines that are safer to use.

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