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Are you in a dilemma to order TapenTadol extended-release pill or immediate release (Tapentadol Extended Release)? It is best to know what an extended-release tablet is before you order one. The advantage of the extended-release pill is the pill’s ability to stay in your system longer, without taking a more substantial or frequent dose. The pill’s structure allows the body to dissolve it in layers, over time. Thus, the drug stays in the system for longer.

When to order Tapentadol Extended Release (ER)?

Should you order Tapentadol Extended Release or immediate release? In a general context, an individual needs an extended-release pill during severe pain. The extended-release pills are usually for short-term medication and require a tapering-off method to avoid withdrawal effects. However, it is best to follow your doctor’s approval in buying extended or immediate-release pills. The criteria to choose between the pills depend on various factors, and the recommendation of a medical professional is reliable.

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Tapentadol Extended Release (ER) and GI tolerability

According to a study conducted with Tapentadol and similar opioid medicines, the extended-release pill is more efficient in controlling pain with better GI tolerability. In simple terms, the individual will have less probability of experiencing GI intolerability symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and heartburn while using Tapentadol ER. However, the effect varies from one individual to another. Not all individuals who order Tapentadol Extended Release would have 100% GI tolerability.

Dose difference

The main difference between IR and Tapentadol Extended Release pills is the dose. The dose of ER pills is quite lower than IR pills. Thus, when you order Tapentadol Extended Release online, be cautious about the dosage. It is far easier to overdose with ER, since the drug stays in the system for longer.

  1. The recommended dose for ER is 50mg to 250mg every 12 hours. For IR pills, the recommended dose is 50 mg to 100 mg every 4-6 hours.
  2. The maximum dose per day should not exceed 500mg if you are using ER pills. In the case of IR pills, the recommended maximum dose is 600mg per day.

Converting IR to ER pills

If you have Tapentadol IR pills and wish to use it as ER pills, the standard method is to divide the dose and have the tablets with a 12-hour gap. However, most of the doctors do not recommend breaking or crushing the pills. Thus, do not interchange IR and ER pills. It is best to buy Tapentadol Extended Release (ER) overnight deliveryinstead of converting IR to ER.

Withdrawal effect of TapenTadol and tapering off method

As mentioned before, it is best not to buy Tapentadol Extended Release (ER) without prescription, as the withdrawal effects are usually severe. If you wish to avoid the withdrawal effects, it is best to taper off the dose slowly instead of just stopping the medicine. The best way to discontinue the drug is as follows.

  1. Do not use the pill for a longer or shorter duration than prescribed.
  2. Reduce the dose by 25% and use it for two to four days. If you do not experience withdrawal symptoms, reduce another 25%. Continue until you stop the drug.
  3. If you experience withdrawal symptoms after cutting 25%, increase the time between two doses. Continue this gradually and discontinue the pill.

If you are not able to stop the medicine, you might have a dependency problem. Ignoring the dependency problem can lead to addiction and even overdose. Prolonged use of TapenTadol can cause very severe side effects. Thus, Tapentadol Extended Release (ER) USA to USA delivery only for the length of treatment prescribed by your doctor. After the course, talk to your doctor and stop the medicine appropriately. If unable to do so, get detoxification help from experts as soon as possible. It is easier to get out of dependency if you receive the right treatment as early as possible.

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    Awesome Tapentadol tab for any kind of pain. and its relief able medicine . I purchased this tab from online pharmacy site. I got this tab in 3 – 4 days only .

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